Maize flour production business plan

Maize Production – An Interesting Small Business Opportunity You Should Consider This Year

Very high capacity and fine screening — used in all mills with capacity of 2. Cleaning The cleaning of maize flour production process is done by removing all the foreign material like sand, grit and dirt that may be present in the maize.

In fact, many of our daily diets contain maize either directly or indirectly. The maize is then de-germinated and polished prior to milling. At this stage, I assume that the first set of flour production has been done and packaged; so you have to look for buyers for the finished product.

We have different models of this flour mill business for your different capacity requirement.

Plan your own flour mill business for sale

Various food technologies are currently used for processing industrially produced maize flours. The amount of maize that can be harvested per hectare depends on the variety you planted, amount of rainfall, sunshine and the level of weed, pest and disease control management that was applied.

Then, maize is delivered into dampener. To conclude, our small maize milling plant has been very favorable to domestic operations and small scale productions. Mini plan sifters — relatively high capacity and very fine screening used as primary sifters for all mills of 1 ton per hour to 2.

Maize kernels flow in the screw conveyor and dust or similar small particle impurities are further screened out. Alternatively, if the budget is small, the whole maize, after cleaning and conditioning may be milled by means of the plate mill only and then sifted without de-germination.

The maize flour production process is mechanical and consists of several processes.

20TPD Maize Milling Plant Shipped to Uganda

Such as for people daily food use. It is cheaper than many of the other feed alternatives and provides the required nutritional content for livestock. Ethanol is also used as a solvent in the manufacture of varnishes and perfumes; in the preparation of essences and flavorings; and in many medicines and drugs.

Impurities discharging process Maize kernels are fed from the material inlet and the flow rate is controlled by a baffle. Those maize kernels that meet dampening requirements will be delivered again by the elevator into storage barrel for temporary storage.

Analysis of this sector, particularly the food sub-sector, is fraught with serious data problems. If YES, then i advice you read on. It is widely use for home and small factory. You can easily get loan from a bank or other financial institutions for the expansion of your company.

I have explained this point earlier on this article that one of the reasons to open a flour producing company is because there is a high demand for flour by pastry making companies and other food processing companies.


However, succeeding in the maize production business requires knowledge and skill. Plan sifters in various sizes and numbers of passages: All these foreign materials are removed by a sieving process where all course particles are removed.

This is because it has a shorter shelf life, gives the porridge a yellow appearance and gives the eater a bloated feeling.

It is easy operating. By planting just one seed of maize, you get over kernels in return at harvest. Whether the increased volumes of maize will be produced locally or imported from outside the continent remains uncertain.

Starting a Flour Production Company – Sample Business Plan Template

This is the addition of moisture to it and allowing it to soak for some time. In the future, less maize may be eaten directly and more will be consumed indirectly through poultry, meat and dairy products. Because of its huge strategic importance and versatile uses as human food, animal feed and a valuable industrial raw material, the production of maize is taken very seriously around the world.

There are different ways to finance the business including loans and personal cash. Following this process, milling can commence and may take several forms: Please note that you need to get certification from the organization responsible for checking the quality of food products in your location, as it will help to increase the authenticity of your product to your customers.

You can focus in the production of more than one type of flour since the whole processes are almost the same.

Maize can grow on a vast array of soils and can survive in different climatic conditions on our continent. MAIZE BUSINESS PLAN. Prepared By- Manish Chaurasiya (), Pritam Singh (), S Sarath (), Sandeep S Ramteke (), Saurabh Paul (), Vaibhav Rai () INTRODUCTION Maize is the third largest planted crop after wheat and rice.

It is mostly used and traded as a leading feed crop but is also an important food staple.3/5(4). Proposal: Zurmat Flour Mill. A business plan proposal to establish and operate a regional shortflow flour mill in Paktiya Province in Afghanistan.

1. Executive Summary. The World Food Program has offered to support flour mill production with pre-mix feeders and fortificants.

maize milling business plan

Currently little or no flour available in Afghanistan is fortified. Tag Archives: maize farming business plan Maize Farming Project Report, Cost, Profit Guide Introduction To Economics of Maize Cultivation / Maize Farming Project Report The following content is ablout Maize Farming Project Report.

Maize Flour Production Business:Maize, or corn, is one of the most widely planted grains in the world. It is the main grain crop in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc. While other countries like America, China, and most African counties also harvest large quantity of corn/maize every year.

processors are generally schools and resellers who buy unprocessed maize and sell the processed flour. There are currently six schools in the area that process maize that could be potential contracted customers.

There is Byana Mary Hill, Stencera, Kyamusoke, Sacred Heart Kymusansala, Girl’s Training Center Kalungu and Saint Joseph Villa Maria.

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Maize flour production business plan
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